are you ready for change? now is the time!

"It is an honour for me to work with you throughout this journey of yours"

- Steve Rose

Beneath are the '6 Foundation Principles of Health' for you to work through.  I recommend that you start to implement these right away.  Start with Nutrition in week 1, and then work your way through each principle on a weekly basis so you form a habit.  You will feel a sense of wellbeing and develop a strong foundation to support you in your daily life.  


Contact either Steve Rose or your Physician with any concerns or questions regarding any of the principles.

learn how to eat according to your body type.

In this video you will learn how to identify the ideal amount of protien, fats and carbs suited to your body type based on where your ancestors were from.

learn how to hydrate and cleanse your body optimally

In this video you will learn how to calculate your daily water requirement and also learn some very simple and yet very effective tools to improve your digestive function.

learn how to regulate your stress levels and your vitality

In this video you will learn some very beneficial breathing techniques which can calm your mind and body, especially when you are in a stressful state.

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learn to correct your posture and open your energy centres

In this video your will learn which muscles can need stretching and which ones can need strengthening.  Also, you will learn how to "move" trapped energy from trauma.

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learn rest properly during the day and sleep deeper at night

In this video you will learn ancient techniques designed to slow down your nervous system and anable your mind and body to fully rest and identify the reasons why you may feel fatigue.

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learn how to choose a life which is ideal for what you want

In this video you can learn how to design your perfect life based on your souls desie instead of living a life based on what other people may think you should be living.

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