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This is a collaboration between the client (you) and the therapist (Steve Rose) to identify and overcome some or all of the six types of stress that you may be subject to.

Beneath is an overview on the six types of stress;
1. Mental/Emotional Stress; includes abusive relationships, financial worries and negative thinking.
2. Physical Stress; from over exertion, can cause immune system suppression, poor performance and increase the incidence of injury.
3. Nutritional Stress; by eating the wrong types and amounts of food or consuming foods with toxins are examples of bad nutritional stress.
4. Electromagnetic Stress; in the form of medical x-rays, high-voltage electrical lines and electronic devices, electromagnetic pollution can cause dysfunction in the body’s hormonal and autonomic nervous system.
5. Chemical Stress; is toxic to our bodies and we have a difficult time neutralizing. Over time, repeated exposure to harmful chemicals can lead to disease.
6. Thermal Stress; by exposing yourself to hot and cold conditions can impact on your body if it is unable to regulate a 98.6°F (32°C) body temperature.


How your coaching session works;

Step 1; first we discuss what your dream is, because without a goal, then we don't have a desired outcome.

Step 2; you complete a comprehensive holistic assessment so we can identify your potential roadblocks.

Step 3; with a program designed around your roadblocks and ability, you begin and maintain a new health journey.

Step 4; we review your progress and advance your program to increase your vitality.

Depending on where you are at in your life and how far you wish to advance with your health, determines the amount of sessions required.

1-on-1 Pricing

  • $80 per hour.

  • 6-12 week packages available

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