"crisis was the best thing that happened"

Born in 1976, Steve Rose grew up with his single mother who was only 16 years of age when she became pregnant.  His father left before he was born, which was understandable being that he was only 15 years of age! With help by his loving grandparents, he was raised in a small council home in a West Country village in the UK.

When his mother was old enough for them to move into their own home, she had to work 3 jobs to make ends meet. Being an only child, and spending lots of time by himself because his mum worked so hard, he became very independent.

Steve didn’t care much for the education system. He was often in trouble for staring out the window and not participating in the curriculum. At that time, it was apparent to the teachers that he had potential, but didn’t apply himself. One thing that was certain though; he was a very free spirit and had lots of energy for playing! 

At the end of his school period, and after retaking his exams to study a Diploma of Leisure and Physical Education, he left the education system to earn some money and worked in a rubber factory. Years later, and not knowing what career to pursue, Steve was encouraged to embark on a career in sales to increase his confidence and became a pre-loved car sales consultant.  

At this time, and lacking direction and purpose, he often joined his party friends to drink lots of alcohol and take recreational drugs every week. For Steve, it was very enticing and he ended up being a full-blown alcoholic and drug addict. Whilst he was having wild time partying and spending most of his week on a high (and low); he wanted more from his life and realised his calling was to travel.

Starting in Gran Canaria, Spain, he worked as a restaurant and hotel promoter and broke his "addictions" by being actively involved in many sporting and tourism activities. One day, the hotel manager asked him what his purpose in life was. Steve answered “I want to travel the world and have fun”. This happened to be the perfect answer! That afternoon, he was introduced to a skipper of a yacht who needed one more crew member to help deliver 'Golden Emerald' a 51-foot wooden sloop to Australia!

This was the beginning of an amazing adventure; they could pick and choose the direction they were heading in. Sailing via the Atlantic-Panama-Pacific route, every port of call was an exotic island populated with friendly indigenous cultures. This experience changed Steve's life. He learned how to meditate, how to connect with nature and found himself looking at life in a very positive and grateful way. It was the beginning of his spiritual awakening and a realisation that he was destined for greatness (like we all are).

After 1 year adventuring, the yacht was finally moored in Brisbane, and Steve then flew to Thailand and spent 5 years enjoying the many pleasures the land of the smiles had to offer. From a contact made in Gran Canaria, he landed himself a marketing consultant position for a hotel group and worked his way up to become a marketing manager. Whilst his life was fun packed, his lack of purpose had diminished and his addictive tendencies had returned once again.

Then, the 2004 Tsunami struck and everything he had worked for was destroyed in a split second. This life threatening situation was mildly traumatic, even though he wasn't injured, he'd seen death and devastation everywhere. He stayed back for several months to help salvage the hotel operation, but wasn’t making any money and his alcohol problem became worse. It was time to move on!

Gold Coast, Australia was his next port of call and deep down he knew he would eventually come back to Australia. With a new-found sense of purpose, he had involved himself in a start-up event management company with the promise of residency if he helped the investors leave their day jobs. This motivated Steve to work incredibly long hours with the view of staying in this remarkable land of opportunity. The event company was launched and Steve created a position for himself as General Manager with a team of 30+ consultants working for him within 1-year. Then, having discovered that he needed to extend his visa in order to stay, he enrolled at the local university and studied a Bachelor of Communications.  

In year 3 of his degree, he designed a telephoned based matchmaking agency as a part of his business module. His partner at the time was working as a sales consultant for another matchmaking agency, so it was a no brainer to start their own version. Within no time, this idea became a reality and he was 50% shareholder for a very successful business. At this point, Steve was GM for an event management company, a full-time university student and a business owner.


Without realising it, he was pushing his mind and body to the limit, and was on the verge of burning out. Then he and his partner had separated! This emotional stress pushed Steve over the edge and he had a series of panic attacks! The attacks became so intense that at any given moment he would burst out in pain and would literally curl up in a ball thinking he was going to die. Then it went from very bad to even worse. On a “make-up” holiday with his former partner, he fell off of an [incomplete] balcony and fractured his skull and neck, which also pushed out discs from his neck, upper back and lower back. Irresponsibly, the owner of the holiday home had forgotten to tell Steve there was a sheer drop outside the back door!

With so much fear and pain, coupled with the separation becoming official, Steve had to navigate his way through the aggressive process of splitting a business, a house and all other possessions. Without the emotional and physical energy to go through this, he just signed everything over and started again from scratch. 

After this time of crisis, he was in such a state of anxiety and depression because he had lost everything and was suffering from vertigo, insomnia, digestive issues, an identity crisis, and at one point it felt like he had a stroke down his left side. He'd visited many doctors and they all wanted to give him medication and suggested working with surgeons to fuse his spinal column. But, Steve felt deep down there had to be another way.

Then one day, whist daydreaming about his amazing his past adventures (especially on-board the yacht), he reaslised if he could overcome his trauma and be happy and healthy; he would help others do the same. From this desire to live life on his terms, Steve found the strength to start another job. From what was left of his weekly income after living expenses, he found a Bowen Therapist and received treatments on a weekly basis to help him out of pain.  He also hired a Holistic Health Practitioner to gain the tools to live a "normal" functioning life.  


A few years later, feeling happier and healthier from religiously following the holistic lifestyle program, and reconfirming his calling to contribute to others, he decided to study the same modalities which helped him. Now, moving forward, Steve operates a busy therapy and coaching business on the Gold Coast. He lives his life with passion, exploring and creating, and is very in tune with what brings him joy. In fact, Steve swears by finding our purpose to be the most important aspect to healing and staying healthy. He also feels that his life crisis was the best thing that happened to him.

He eats a diet based on what his ancestors would’ve eaten; above ground vegetables and a variety of meats. He enjoys a regular exercise routine to help maintain good posture and function. Steve spends most evenings dancing to the very same music that he used to listen to during his wild party days. Along with taking care of his body, he spends a lot of time meditating last thing at night to calm his mind and to ensure a very deep and restorative sleep.

Finally, Steve found his purpose to help people who value their health and are trying to find a way forward. Steve no longer depends on drugs and alcohol because he is living his Dream. However, he feels it's ok to drink the occasional glass of French red wine with a steak dinner ;)

Thank you for taking the time to read about Steve's journey to work as a healer.


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Therapy Qualifications

  • Specialised Diploma of Bowen Therapy

  • Cert 4 Relaxation Massage Therapy

  • Level 2 NeuroKinetic Therapy

Coaching Qualifications

  • C.H.E.K. Holistic Lifestyle and Exercise Coach

  • Theta Healing Basic Instructor

  • Cert 3 Fitness Instructor