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In this short chapter you will learn the importance of actively resting during the day, and how to do this. You will also learn how to implement a night time routine which will help you sleep deeply. Especially if you are finding it hard to get to sleep, or you wake up at 2am in the morning like many people do.

Do you need to rest more?

Taking some rest during your day can significantly help your mind and body properly replace the energy so that you have a full battery for your next form of hard mental and physical work.

The best way to tell you need to rest more during your day is to listen to your mind and body.

The main symptoms to identify if you are in need of more rest are;

  • Yawning

  • Moodiness

  • Fatigue

  • Irritability

  • Depressed mood

  • Difficulty learning new concepts

  • Forgetfulness

  • Inability to concentrate or a "fuzzy" head

How to rest actively

As you may be aware, each of the pillars in this eBook overlap with each other. Primarily, their purpose is to calm down the mind and body. By incorporating the Breathing and Movement principles into your daily Rest routine, especially if you are going through a stressful time will significantly improve your wellbeing.

Try the Breathing and Movement Exercises first thing in the morning, and on your lunch break if you can, and even late in the evening. Focus your awareness on your breathing and each part of your body as you move into different positions so you become more present and connected to your body.

Rest before you eat

Before each meal spend 5-10 mins calming down your mind and body. Sit with your food in front of you and breathe in the aromas of your freshly cooked meal. This particular active rest technique will help you stimulate your digestive system producing more digestive enzymes.

Then eat your meal slowly and stay seated for another 5 minutes after so your digestive system can begin to work uninterrupted. Consider doing some seated breathing exercises and then go for a slow walk around the block.

Avoid screens before bedtime!

I cannot emphasis this enough. Avoiding screens before you go to bed is so important! The blue light from your phone and TV is an artificial colour that mimics daylight. Checking your phone or TV stimulates the brain so you are more active and awake. Even just a quick check before you go to bed can engage your brain and prolong sleep.

Turn off the lights

Other than the use of a very dim night light in your bathroom, turn off all of your lights when you are ready for sleep. During the 1 hour winding down period before sleep, only use candle light or salt lamps, because these have a minimal effect on your wake hormones and reduce brain activity.

Avoid stimulants

Drinking coffee and eating sugary foods before you go to bed is a sure way to delay your sleep. Consider drinking a relaxing tea and maybe snack on a very small meal if you are feeling hungry. Just ensure you are maintaining your body type ratios, even with the smallest of snacks!

Journal before bedtime

Writing down the things that you are planning to do or the thoughts you are having about an event or person is a great way to release these from your active brain. You can gain clarity on a situation before resting.

Final Thought

Having a rest routine will help you perform all of the other pillars in this eBook because you will have the energy to do so.

In case you haven’t already tried Bowen Therapy, this is one of the quickest and most effective ways to rest your body and mind. It goes to the root source of the problem and enables you to REALLY let go of tension.

Try it and see!

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